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Tools to Create Wealth and Grow Your Business


At the end of the day, our lives are no more and no less than the sum of the wealth we create. But wealth means something different for each individual. Simply put, wealth is accumulated value, and it takes many forms.

We believe success in life is creating the most of what we value the most. theWealthSource® coaches and facilitates leaders to create wealth by realizing its true source.

http://onewish4u.com/product/one-wish-starter-pack-english What is the True Source of Wealth?

have a peek at this website The True Source of Wealth is You

The capacity to create wealth is within every individual. Its source is not found in external circumstances, but rather the way you think, how you show up and what you do. Our process helps you discover, access and develop the source of your wealth.

petite annonce rencontre paris Learn More About theWealthSource® Process?

rencontre sexe avec vieille paiment vraimentsecurise Discover. Access. Develop.

Discover: Together, we identify what works and what doesn’t work about how you currently think, show up and act.

Access: We begin right away to do more of what works.

Develop: We give you tools to capitalize your true source of wealth through ongoing accountability and continuous learning.

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Kim presents complex concepts simply and with an action-focus. His extensive knowledge of leadership, organizational development and professional growth make him a sought-after speaker for audiences of executives, professionals and entrepreneurs.
“With Kim, you come to hear a speaker… and you also get a coach.”
With over 20 years of experience in professional and business effectiveness, leadership and entrepreneurship, Kim Sawyer delivers powerful keynote presentations designed to help executives, managers and entrepreneurs tap into their true source of wealth. Read More About Kim’s Wealth Source Speaking Topics Now >>

theWealthSource® Services

Individual Coaching

Do the inner work that yields outer results and generates wealth.

Coaching Brings the Following Values to Support Your Success

Awareness and Focus: internal and external mirroring, reality-checks, visioning/strategy/goal setting. Knowledge and Resources: contacts, books, ideas, training/development. Accountability and Celebration:  take on stretch-goals, celebrate successes, grieve losses, have unconditionally constructive support, be encouraged to move through fears and resistance to change and risk, balance your life.

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Team Coaching

A mutual coaching process leveraging the energy and talents of a group and often produces greater individual and group performance than individual programs.

Leverage the Energy & Talents of Your Groups

Success Groups™ provide coaching to more individuals within a group or team, and are particularly cost-effective as a follow-up to training, and during periods of transformation. Facilitated by our coaches, members motivate and teach each other within a framework of accountability and mutual success. The organization benefits from shared knowledge, and success becomes exponential.
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Public Speaking

When he is in front of your people, they are guaranteed a new way of thinking about something and a tool to put it into action immediately.


He presents complex concepts simply and with an action-focus. His extensive knowledge of leadership, organizational development and professional growth make him a sought-after speaker for audiences of executives, professionals and entrepreneurs. His most popular topics are, “The Alchemy of Success™”, “The Technology of Celebration™”, and “The Delegation Dilemma™”.

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Enterprise Coaching®

Capacity. Performance. Prosperity. Your Coaching Culture Starts Here.

Enterprise Coaching® Creates a Coaching Culture within Your Organization.

Enterprise Coaching® equips your organization to maximize long-term wealth-creation and the value of its human capital.

A simple, structured three phase organization-wide program comprised of individual coaching, team coaching, training and facilitated peer-coaching circles that rapidly, effectively and efficiently builds a sustainable coaching culture in any enterprise.

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“Kim’s unique set of skills, experience, talent and wisdom made each meeting another step on
the road to a successful life.” ~ Lars G., Entrepreneur
“Kim incorporated a variety of methods and tools to the program that enabled self-discovery and the creation of more
personally meaningful paths to success and fulfillment – in life and career.” ~ Mark W.VP Sales & Marketing
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Complimentary Introductory Coaching Session

We offer a complimentary introductory coaching session for any Corporate Executive, Successful Entrepreneur, or High-Level Professional, Specialist or Manager who seriously wants to learn more about the power of executive coaching.
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