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Professional Development and Executive Coaching for Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs

Corporate Executives

Ramp Up Your Leaders to Peak Performance

We Build the Capacity of Your Key People to Generate Maximum Value

Give your leaders a committed ally in achieving their strategic objectives and the accountability to put their ideas into action – to aspire to amazing growth, to expand their awareness, to tap into their true potential, to consistently take action, and to obtain Extraordinary and Measurable Results.


Take Your Business to the Next Level

Make Your Business an Expression of Your Life's Passion & Purpose

Much like the coach to an Olympic athlete, we work together to create your Vision of Success in your business. Leverage strengths and overcome weaknesses to develop more income and new income streams. Be sure your growth as a business person and leader keeps up with the growth of your business.

Personal Coaching

Do the inner work that produces outward results

Create Maximum Wealth in Every Area of Your Life

Together we co-create a chain of challenging, measurable successes to leverage your strengths and honestly address weaknesses. Together, we do the inner work that produces outward results. Win promotions, align individual and company values and strategy, and accelerate your ramp-up to peak performance.
I have worked with Kim Sawyer for the last 5 years, and it has been a pleasure! His primary goal is to help the clients not only achieve their goals, but exceed them!
Jamie K., Business Development Manager
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Complimentary Introductory Coaching Session

We offer a complimentary introductory coaching session for any Corporate Executive, Successful Entrepreneur, or High-Level Professional, Specialist or Manager who seriously wants to learn more about the power of executive coaching.
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Kim Sawyer :: Executive Coach and Speaker, President – the WealthSource®

kim-sawyer-headshotReal success in life comes from creating the most of what we value most.

Kim Sawyer coaches executives and entrepreneurs on how to discover and unlock their true source of wealth.

Kim’s professional mission is to integrate the development of emotional, relational and business competencies to enhance bottom line performance. He is known for challenging and guiding people to consider new perspectives, alternate ways of thinking and innovative actions. To achieve his mission, Kim has created a diverse set of proprietary tools for responding to often daunting challenges and changes.

With over 20 years of experience in professional and business effectiveness, leadership and entrepreneurship, Kim Sawyer delivers powerful keynote presentations designed to help executives, managers and entrepreneurs tap into their true source of wealth. Drawing on his success as an Executive Coach, he teaches individuals and teams to increase profit, win promotions, align individual and company values and strategy, and accelerate the ramp-up to peak performance.

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