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Free Productivity Wealth Building Tools from theWealthSource®

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The Technology of Celebration™ : A tool for getting the most value from the valuable things we do

The Alchemy of Success™ : A tool for responding to problems that leaves us better off than if the problem never happened.

Speaking the Unspeakable™ : A tool for shifting difficult conversations from conflict to collaboration.

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Kim incorporated a variety of methods and tools… that enabled self-discovery and the creation of more personally meaningful paths to success and fulfillment – in life and career.
Mark W., VP Sales & Marketing
Kim brings to his clients a vast coaching and personal development toolkit and a compassion rooted in his down to earth business and life experience.
Pam B., Executive Coach and Entrepreneur
I always walk away with new awareness, direction and action steps to take that make a huge impact on my life.
Mark G., Executive Search Consultant