Keeping the Fire: The Power of a Personal Mission Statement

//Keeping the Fire: The Power of a Personal Mission Statement

Keeping the Fire: The Power of a Personal Mission Statement

Why are you here??!! Ever ask yourself what you were put on the earth to do? Better yet, ever really tried to ANSWER that question? If not, you are not alone.

A personal mission is a fundamental and defining purpose.

What are you uniquely built and positioned to do in your life and in the world – big picture?

A lot of businesses have mission statements; you’ve no doubt seen plenty of them. Many are not used for much more than t-shirts, and annual reports. But now and then you come across one that seems to set a company apart, and you realize as you read it, that it’s not a marketing gimmick; it actually has a concrete impact on how they do business. In fact, a true business mission statement is not primarily outward-facing at all, rather it is a really set of concepts by which to guide decision-making throughout the organization in a cohesive way. It provides a “True North” for the whole enterprise.

At theWealthSource, we have a model we call The 360° Look@Life™, which views your life as a sort of portfolio of investments in ten different areas, or Life Accounts, as we call them. In each Life Account, you make investment decisions, based on specific objectives, in order to fill your accounts with things of value to you. In our practice, we call these Life Assets, the sum of which is the true measure your wealth.

Move forward in the direction best fit for you

In the realm of financial investment, portfolios whose holdings are aligned to clear sense of purpose outperform those that aren’t. The same is true for Life Portfolios – perhaps more so. If you make investment decisions in a vacuum, without consideration of your other Life Accounts and your ultimate purpose, they invariably end up driving you in conflicting directions; and in the end, your overall success is something of a coin toss. But if you have a primary bearing, by which to steer your choices, then you move forward in the direction best fit for you, as the person you were created to be.

That primary bearing is your Personal Mission. It’s your life-long task is to discover it, to articulate it as clearly and potently as you can, to let it evolve as you do and to continually give it expression in your values and your actions. That is exciting work! It gives life deeper meaning and greater impact, and it gives rise to greater legacies.

Your mission is also your motive power, the fuel in the engine of your drive to live. The articulation of your mission — your Mission Statement — is a powerful and practical spiritual declaration. And to the degree you keep focused on your mission, you keep stoked the fire of purposeful passion.

The Alchemy of Mission

Alchemy is an elusive metaphorical process for turning base metal into gold, or transmuting something neutral or negative into something extraordinarily valuable. The path to discovering your Personal Mission is based on a kind of alchemy. It’s an approach to your life that will take the worst of what you have done and what has happened and redirect it toward the creation of a remarkably better self and better life.

Keeping the Fire™ is a program we developed at theWealthSource® that harnesses this alchemy in order to unearth your personal mission and forge a statement of that mission. It works something like this:

You have a survival mechanism. It is both a gift and a curse, because what it does is produce a tremendous reaction in every part of your being in order to prepare you to respond to threats. Muscles change, body chemistry changes, brain chemistry changes, everything changes. After responding to any threat, three things happen:

  1. The impression and impact linger beyond the end of the threat and sometimes even beyond its resolution.
  2. You are left carrying a lot of residual reactive energy and passion.
  3. You experience a temporary tunnel vision that sees only what’s wrong.

The consequence of this triumvirate is that difficulties, such as we all have encountered in our lives, leave in you a big impression and lots of energy lingering, often unconscious, in their aftermath. If the experience is intense enough or extends over a long enough time, it can become powerful force in your life. Your life decisions, emotions and relationships are influenced by it, and you develop a variety of coping or compensating defense behaviors and capabilities. This is where the alchemy occurs that can define and drive your personal mission

Stop for a moment and try to imagine a world in which everyone has been made completely free from whatever might be your personal trauma, loss or unmet need. What might such a world be like? Quite a vision isn’t it? Yet how overwhelming is its achievement?

How might you be living your life differently – in all your life areas?

As we’ve seen, tremendous psychic energy resides around the dark places in our past. Although it may feel unpleasant, that is a big power source! It can drive you to go beyond the norm in many things you do. What would happen if we could help you harness this power source and channel if toward the achievement of that vision? How might you be living your life differently – in all your life areas? And what different assets might you have deposited in your Life Accounts.

What’s more, your struggle through the process of recovery from threat cannot help but generate a wealth of skills, personality traits, experiences and relationships, which when redirected constructively, become the tools with which to build toward that vision of a better world that moves you so deeply.

Keeping the Fire™, our unique Personal Mission Program, is a powerful process of inward exploration to discover and surface these inner motives and fashion them into the building blocks of an authentic and life-giving personal mission statement, the hallmark of our identity as human beings.

If you’re an executive, corporate manager, entrepreneur or professional, your personal mission can be your most valuable asset. So why not schedule a complimentary introductory coaching session, and learn how to leverage your personal mission for greater success!

Contact Kim Sawyer at or call 832-298-0143.

Everyone we touch walks away wealthier.

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About the Author:

Kim Sawyer is an Executive Coach and President of theWealthSource®. He provides individual and group coaching, training and facilitation, and he speaks to corporate and professional audiences around the country. If you’re an executive, corporate manager, entrepreneur or professional, please schedule a complimentary introductory coaching session by contact Kim at or 832.298.0143.